Market Yourself Through LinkedIn Profile

People who are looking towards increasing their traffic and enjoy some increased number of leads as well can try this platform of LinkedIn. In order to make your LinkedIn experience a fruitful one you will have to keep in mind various options. The first and foremost is the profile that you have to make use of and for that you need to come out with a professional approach. You have to create a professional profile and in order to achieve that you have to have to make use of different sections that are available in this platform.


If you want, you can get real LinkedIn follower too. With the help of these sections you will be able to define the professional skills of yours in an elaborate way. Here are some options that will help you in creating a good impression on your client or the customer. To start with, your profile the first thing that attracts the eyes is the name and in here you must not experiment with anything else other than the name itself so no keyword optimization in here. You must update your full name properly because you will get several other options to try out several other tactics.

Making the most out of it

The Headline is another most important section of LinkedIn profile. You will find it mentioned in various places all through LinkedIn therefore you need to take care of this as well. Even the search result comes with headlines and you will also find it right there at employee listings on the pages of the company. As headline pops up all through LinkedIn therefore it is important that you optimize the keyword in here. This is the best place to do so.

This will help you to distinguish yourself from others in the platform when they are looking for business partners or customers or even job candidates. The new update in LinkedIn has hidden the website with contact info so now people who are looking for your contact information of yours will have to view it along with Twitter handle. Though it is a twisted process still you must the most of it by updating all the required fields with information that you want your customers to see.

Summarizing your presence

LinkedIn profile comes with an option of summary where the users come up with their professional expertise and experience. You will be made available with some paragraphs place where you will have to describe your own self to the prospective customer, employer, connection or partner.

Here you should present yourself in such a way that you would do generally if you were in front of any interview board and giving out information about yourself including your skills. Now media can also be added to the summary section in order to make your experience even better than before. Therefore, you can now add Slideshare, YouTube videos and various other images as well. Using media to establish brand is one of the best way that you can make use of.

Protect Your iPad When Disaster Strikes

Now that you have claimed you new iPad and it proudly rests on your palms with its glorious high resolution display, it’s time to sustain the admiration. Have you ever thought of that inadvertent situation when your precious possession might slip off your grip to cause some permanent damage to its beauty? Get equipped to control such accidents. Cover your iPad with protective cases that will help. Here is a list of user recommended top 5 iPad covers.

Protect Your iPad

Logitech Solar Folio Case: For Nocturnal Humans

For people who are more comfortable using a laptop but cannot resist the passion of owning an iPad, Logitech keyboard case is the ideal one. And if you are a night worker, then the Logitech solar folio case is indeed the best bargain. Textured out of protective black, soft faux, the folio embeds a Bluetooth keyboard powered by an ambient light that runs with solar battery cells. Logitech claims that when fully charged the keyboard will remain illuminated in complete darkness for as long as 2 years. The automatic ON/OFF system wakes up the iPad the moment the folio is opened. The multiview stand holds the iPad and has two viewing options to suit your comfort level. In the entertainment mode, the convenient media keys helps you play, pause and change volume without any hassle. In the typing mode the full keyboard is ready to serve you.

Griffin AirStrap: Strap your Luck with your hand

Second in the list is the AirStrapiPad cover from Griffin Technologies. The thick and comfortable frame of the AirStrap borders the iPad in such way that it protects the edges without hindering the usage of ports, camera and other controls. The built in neoprene strap on the back is the key feature of the cover. Just slip in one palm through the strap and you have one hand free for other tasks like holding a newspaper ora cup of coffee or may be the handle of the train in which you are travelling to office.

CaseMate Venture Case: A Case that Stood

CaseMate’s Venture case with a hidden built in stand, comes third in the list. Textured by a leather inspired material, the case looks not only classy but is extremely sturdy and durable. The soft microfiber interior with magnetic closure makes it more than just a basic coverat an affordable price. The user has access to all the ports in spite of the covering. But the most attractive part is the built in stand in the back of the cover which will help you choose the most comfortable display when rested on lap or a table.

Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover: iPad or Laptop?

There are people who have always fascinated an iPad in their possession but are still comfortable in operating a laptop. For them nothing can be better than the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover. This iPad case has a Bluetooth keyboard embedded and has a built in stand to type from all angles. The thin looking Plastic and Aluminum cover protects the iPad from potential damage.

Proporta’s Brunswick England Leather Case: The Ultimate shield for your iPad

Made out of Brunswick England premium luxury leather, this case from Proporta has all the right perforations to access all the ports, controls and the Camera and the classy finish gives it an envious look. The case can be folded to form a stand. The Active sleep/wake functions turn on the iPad the moment the case is opened and puts it back to sleep when the case is closed. The package includes cleaning cloth and conditioning instructions with a limited exchange warranty from Proporta.