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How to ride a Powerboard by Hoverboard Self Balancing Scooter?

Posted on October 31, 2016 in Tips

Riding a hoverboard is fun and entertainment. It also gives you a new experience when riding because of controlling the balance. While riding you have to wear helmet and knee pads for safety precaution.
In this article, we are going to see how to ride Powerboard by hoverboard safely. Below are the steps to follow when riding. This guide is helpful to beginners who are unfamiliar with hoverboard riding.
Stepping on your hoverboard:

  • Place your right foot on the board which helps you to start a hoverboard. LED in the hoverboard is acting as signal while turning. If there is any beginner’s mode in your device then activate it. While you are stepping into hoverboard you should remember two things. They are
  1. Keep your Self Balancing Scooter as Parallel or flat.
  2. You should keep your foot as close to the wheel. If you are not properly placed your foot then you will face many difficulties when riding.

Moving on your hoverboard:
After standing on your hoverboard, the first step to moving from your hoverboard is concentrated to go in straight line. Whenever you are riding a Powerboard Scooter you should go in a particular direction where you need to move. The shift your body weight and lean slightly. Always try and concentrate on moving forward first. After you got experience then try to ride on corners.
Stepping off from your hoverboard:
If you want to step off from your hoverboard, you have to do the reverse action what you did to get on the hoverboard. Transfer the balance to your main foot to step off your secondary foot. There are some hoverboards like Hotspot hoverboard, Fortech hoverboard, ruichy hoverboard is also had the same steps for riding.